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Privacy Policy

The Confederation Heights Fitness Centre (CHFC, also known as “The Centre”) understands the need to protect personal information provided by its members and takes this role very seriously.


The CHFC is responsible for its members’ personal information under its control. Personal information is that which can be used to identify and/or contact members as individuals; it includes name, email address, mailing address, employer, home and/or telephone numbers, and primary interests for being a member.


The CHFC collects personal information for the following purposes:

  • to determine eligibility for membership, which may include random membership checks
  • to be able to contact and identify members for general information related to the Centre or for emergencies
  • to process membership payments and to ensure that memberships remain up to date
  • to retain statistical information as required.


Members’ knowledge and consent are required for the collection, use or disclosure of their personal information. When completing and signing the CHFC Registration Form, members consent to the use of their personal information for the purposes listed above. Members cannot refuse or withdraw their consent while remaining an active member.

Third-Party Disclosure

Except as set out in this policy, or as required by law, the CHFC will not sell or disclose any of its members’ personal information to any other organization. The CHFC may, however, disclose information in the following cases:

  • to a lawyer representing the department, ministry or agency to which the member belongs
  • to a police force, if required by law
  • to a person authorized by a law or collective agreement
  • to a government agency that can oblige the Centre to do so in emergency situations in which the life, health or safety of a member is in danger
  • to all other persons authorized by law.


The CHFC will retain its members’ personal information only as long as is necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes for which it was collected or as required by law. Personal information is stored in a secure facility until such time as it is no longer required, after which it is destroyed.

Amendments to this Privacy Policy

The CHFC may review and revise this Privacy Policy from time to time. Changes to this policy will be posted on the CHFC Website.

CHFC Contact or for More Information

All inquiries regarding this privacy should be directed by email to the CHFC Director at All inquiries will be responded to within thirty (30) days from the date they are received.

Last revised: January 2012

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